World's Most Valuable and Collectible Writing Instruments


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Market Price  $1,700.00

The writing instruments of the Majesty-collection are a homage to the consistency of values throughout time. Around the top of the cap you will discover a miniature of a Jugendstil freeze that was created by a gifted stonemason around the year 1900. The original of this freeze, to this day, still decorates the traditional headquarters of Pelikan in Hanover, Germany.

The well-proven piston mechanism is hidden by a barrel made of massive Sterling silver, so no line distracts from the Pelikan-typical interpretation of the lines on the barrel. Each softly rounded line is shaped by hand with a hand-polished diamond tool. You will find the lines not only on the outside, but also on the inside of every writing instrument every detail fits to the overall theme. The clip and rings as well as the freeze are covered with 24 carat gold (5µ) or Platinum. In the last step, the Sterling silver barrel is covered by Platinum to make the soft material more resistant, and to make sure that it keeps its shine through the years.

If you own a Majesty writing instrument, you treasure value that lasts.

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