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Retail Price $1525.00 to $1650.00

Part of the prestigious "Le Città" collection, the Omas Roma Limited Edition is dedicated to the city of Rome, Italy. The "Le Città" collection was developed to showcase many of the important cities around the world.

Every detail of the Omas Roma Limited Edition fountain pen displays the capital city of Rome. One of the most impressive items is the famous Flavian Amphitheatre on the barrel of the pen. The Colosseum is also on the pen with the Latin phrase S.P.Q.R., Senatus Populus Quiritium Romanus engraved above it. The roman numerals DCCLIII are atop the barrel referring to the year of foundation of Rome. Engraved on the barrel is also the famous sentence "Roma caput mundi regit orbis frena rotundi" (Rome capital city of the world holds the reins of the world in its hands). The clip evokes the shape of the Roman arcades. The majestic dome of St. Peter's cathedral is engrave on the 14k gold nib.

The Omas Roma Limited Edition fountain pen comes in two versions, a maroon cotton resin with gold trim or a charcoal grey cotton resin with chrome trim. The limited edition was made with 753 piston filled fountain pens in maroon and 214 piston filled fountain pens in charcoal grey.

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