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Price around $9.5 Million

The Hyper-Sub is a historic machine. In the simplest of terms, the Hyper-Sub is a high speed, long range surface craft as well as diesel electric submarine. When desired, the Hyper-Sub provides on demand deep dive, high endurance submarine capabilities. When such capabilities are not needed, it provides the same usefulness, independence, versatility and economy as that of any other long range 900hp speedboat.

It is a straight forward combination of a speedboat (whose hull is flooded during a dive) with a proven deep dive cylindrical submarine cabin (and all related systems).

The result is a submarine that deploys, travels and operates just as easily, quickly and inexpensively as that of a surface craft which will enable end users from all markets to access the sub sea environment for just pennies on the dollar compared to any other technology available today.

Though this results in a craft that has unprecedented capabilities, becoming familiar with the less obvious attributes of the concept adds exponentially to one's understanding of the Hyper-Sub's value as a modular sea frame.

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