Top Ten Andy Warhol  Paintings


Four Marlons, 1966 - Sold for $69,600,000


Sold for $69,600,000 on November 12, 2014,  by Christie’s

This dramatic rendition of Marlon Brando, his dark inscrutable eyes staring out nonchalantly from underneath his peaked cap, provides an unrivalled portrayal of one of the greatest 20th century cultural icons. Displayed here at the peak of his fame, Brando’s appearance in the 1953 film The Wild One (from which Warhol took this source image), captured a rebelliousness that, in the mind of the public at least, had subsumed the previously acquiescent American teenager and became something of an anti-hero for an entire generation of misunderstood youth. This work is the only one from the series with the four portraits covering the entire canvas. Executed on raw and unprimed linen, the material quality of Four Marlons echoes the rough masculinity of its subject.

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