Top Ten Andy Warhol  Paintings


Four Marilyns, 1962 - Sold for $35,245,000


Sold for $35,245,000 on May 16, 2013 by Phillips

Four Marilyns is one of the most visually electric and vibrant works of art produced in the twentieth century. Warhol has successfully synthesized and captured the essence of Marilyn as she appeared in all forms of media, from silver screen and television to the cover of magazines and front pages of newspapers leaving us with a timeless impression of her radiance. The pinnacle of his innovation is the repeating image which offers multiple opportunities to experience her likeness while enshrining her in a spectrum once only reserved for the portrayal of religious saints and deities. Warhol’s pure and saturated hues fill the image with a palpable visual intensity and energy. Marilyn’s angelic face is crowned by golden curls anchored on a cadmium orange background.

Although Andy and Marilyn were not acquaintances their posthumous relationship appears destined. From an early age Warhol had been seduced and transfixed by the power and glamour of celebrity. With Marilyn’s untimely death, which marked her transition from mere mortal movie star to mythic figure, Warhol began interpret her image as his own. In immortalizing Marilyn, Warhol selected a publicity photo from a decade before, where she appears seductive yet wholesome, stylized and authentic: Marilyn at the acme of her fame and beauty.
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