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Ayon Audio Orthos XS Mono Power Amplifier
from Austria

 Price about $27,000

The Ayon third-generation KT150 mono power amplifier, the Orthos XS. The Orthos XS monoblocks provide true balanced or single-ended operation combined with the ability to deliver 300 watts per channel.

All the gain stages and power stage have been re-designed and optimized as well to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow. The result is a significant advance in sonic performance, wider and deeper holographic soundstage with more fine details and greatly improved powerful bass punch, dynamics and outstanding life-like performance free of compression effects or dynamic limitations. One of the absolutely best sounding KT150 power amplifier in the world.

The new KT150 significantly boosts the Orthos XS power from 250 watts (KT88) and 300 watts (KT120) to finally 400 watts in maximal pentode mode. But the Ayon, acclaimed by its designer as "one of the absolutely best-sounding KT88 power amplifier in the world", also would seem to gather most of the refinement of the aforementioned monsters. This XS reference amplifier should thus provide unsurpassed sound quality and drive a truly wide range of speaker types to optimal and consistent performance under all conditions. As usual chef Gerhard applied his personal touch to this KT flagship with very short signal paths even for the PCB copper traces, 0dB negative feedback, no solid-state device in the signal path and a high-current/low-impedance design which operates its tubes in the sweet spot of their load lines with a dual-grounding system.
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