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Goldmund Apologue Speakers
from Sweden
 Price $268,300 per pair

Celebrated in 1987 for its unique design by the New York Museum of Modern art where it was displayed, and for its unique audio quality by worldwide audio enthusiasts who bought one of the 50 pairs then produced, the Goldmund Apologue stands forever as a major milestone in Goldmund history.  25 years later, Goldmund is paying a tribute to this extraordinary product by issuing a Limited Series of 25 Goldmund Apologue Anniversary with an exactly identical design but with all the technological progress made by the company during those 25 years.

The 1987 edition of the Apologue was a 3-way passive speaker. The Apologue Anniversary comes with twice as much drivers and built-in amplification totalizing 3600W for a pair.

4 cabinets per speaker with sub bass drivers sub amps & stands

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