Click on images to navigate.   This website offers up to date information for investing in what I call modern classic design. As of early 2015 items such as highly collectible watches have been appreciating at more than 5% annually. High end well designed writing instruments are also starting to see considerable appreciation.  Well constructed high end mid-century modern furniture especially items once distributed by companies like Knoll is also seeing much attention by the collectors all over the world.  Major auction houses have turned their attention to almost everything related to the automobile.  These items referred to as automobilia are bring higher and higher prices at auctions.  Any architecture of high quality mid-century modern design ranks among the very top of the real-estate market in investment and will no doubt continue to demand astronomical prices.  Last but not least many every day items created with very distinctive modern design are not only holding on to their original prices but are starting to go up in value over the last several years.

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