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Market Price about $3,000

Independent, wild and of sublime strength and beauty - this is the showcased imagery of Artemis, the Greek mythological goddess of fruitfulness, hunting and war. In her honor and in order to appease her, the Artemis Temple in Ephesus was sanctioned and begun by Croesus of Lydia. Pelikan dignifies this architectural masterpiece through the limited edition of "The Temple of Artemis" writing pen.

In savor of the finalization of the temple in the year 440 B.C., the limited edition "The Temple of Artemis" writing pen is limited to a worldwide total of 440 writing instruments. The limited edition "The Temple of Artemis" fountain pen is a unique creation from the master of pen-making. It is made most impressive by the perfect workmanship and the differentiated design of details.

About this edition.

In the greatest of artistic and technical accomplishment, and inspired by the powerful radiance of the antique temple pillars, this noble limited edition "The Temple of Artemis" writing instrument sits firmly in the hand of its owner as a unique work of art in and of itself. He who calls this precious fountain pen his own is not only holding a finely crafted and traditionl Pelikan writing instrument but an artwork representation of another magnificent architectural wonder.

The "Temple of Artemis" fountain pen has been released in the year 2006 and is limited to 440 pieces.

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