12 Rare Historical Photos
Which Represent the Modern World

#12. Elvis Gets a Haircut in Memphis -1956

Elvis Presley has always been larger than life. In the modern era his name is known even by people who have never heard his music or watched his films. But he wasn’t always the legends he is today. The “King of Rock N Roll” was born in the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi in 1935. In 1954 he started to pursue his passion for uptempo music in Memphis and by 1956 he released his very first single called Heartbreak Hotel. From that moment, his light burned fast and bright and he took the world by storm. Dozens of number one songs and movies later, Elvis became a shadow of his former self. Ballooning in weight and age starting to creep up on him, Elvis became addicted to prescription pills and was found dead on a toilet in 1977. He was 42 years old.

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