10 Deadliest Earthquakes Ever Recorded

#10: Tabriz Earthquake - Iran
January 8, 1780  - Estimated Over 200,000 Deaths

Preceded by a strong foreshock, a catastrophic earthquake on the night of Friday to Saturday 8 January 1780 in the region of Tabriz almost totally destroyed the city and devastated about 400 villages, including Marand, Tasuj and Iranaq. The magnitude of the earthquake was Ms=7.7 and the epicenter was located at 38. 2N and 46E. In Tabriz itself, all major buildings, weakened by previous shocks, were ruined and all private houses, as well as the fort and walls of the city were totally destroyed, the radius of destruction being variously given as 72 or 120 kilometers from Tabriz. Vast numbers of people perished in this earthquake, estimates ranging to over 200,000. 

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